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Fox Filtration: Air and Gas Filters

Product Line: Air and Gas Filters



Pneumatic Filters

Complete selection of particulate and coalescing filters for compressed air and gases in pneumatic systems, instrument air filtration and gas filtration:

  • Medium and high pressure filters
  • Filter/Regulators
  • Point of use filters
  • Disposable in-line filters
  • Filter housings, including stainless steel and ASME code

High Volume Compressed Air/Gas Filters

For protection of pipeline equipment, instrumentation, meters and regulators from solid contaminants and for protection of major components including turbines and compressors from solid particles.

Dust Collector Cartridges

Replacements for all types and brands of dust collector cartridges.

Need a specially designed filter?

We design and manufacture products for many Original Equipment Manufacturers and for a wide number of applications. Our years of experience enable us to offer a custom designed filter to meet your most stringent requirements. Learn more...

Dust Collector Bags

Requires customized quotation. Please e-mail complete brand, part number and any additional specifications.

Filter Silencers

Protect blowers, fans and centrifugal compressors used in process industries.

Air Intake Filters

Provide positive protection of blowers fans and compressors from airborne contaminants. Filter out solid particles from 0.3 to 750 microns.

Air and Gas Filter Separators

Effective separation of oil, water, and other liquid aerosols from compressed air and gas lines.

Vacuum Filters

Protect expensive vacuum equipment from damage caused by solids in a process stream. Low vacuum (above 1.0 Torr) and High vacuum (below 1.0 Torr) filters available.

Air and Gas Exhaust Filters

Eliminate visible oil mist, smoke, and mist exhausted in air and gas exhaust streams. Also used as breathers and vents for reservoirs.

Gas Pipeline Filters

Coalescers and separators for removal of moisture and particulate in natural gas and other gas pipeline systems.


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